About Us


In Our Past Lives

In our past lives as solo jewelers we each produced wonderful pieces of wearable art. Since finding each other in 2004, the work that we produce truly reflects the bond and energy that is ours to share. We believe that the happiness we have found together has allowed our individual creative abilities to blossom into a collective creativity that has become the force that elevates our work to a new level. Our travels at sea when Captain Dale is delivering sailboats around the world and the Nokota horses in our life, have inspired many of our new designs.

Varied textured metals of our own creation combined with rare fossils and unique stones are our signature pieces, each a product of the imaginations of two very different designers and the combined 65 years of jewelry design experience. The natural beauty of these materials is the inspiration that drives our creations. Each one is handcrafted in our shop and displayed here and at juried art shows with pride. 

The Studio

The studio is a stone mill from the 1800's. It is full of excitement as we work together to create new pieces and expand on our present inventory. We look forward to seeing you at the shows listed on our calendar. We have added some new venues this year. Be sure not to miss our spring and winter studio shows.

While we thoroughly enjoy the evolution of each piece from raw materials to finished art, the satisfaction of working with clients on custom designs is paramount to none. Feel free to contact us with your design ideas, if you have any preference in stones in existing pieces, if you would like to design a custom piece, or if you would like to place an order.